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The Handyscan 3D laser scanners are widely used in the design and manufacturing of aircraft, after-market applications, and OEM parts. The Handyscan 3D scanners are also a common tool in the design and development of flight simulators.


In aircraft design and construction, mock-ups or models are widely used in preliminary air flow analysis for components such as aircraft wings. Many iterations of the mock-up may be needed to attain the perfect aerodynamic design. It is very important to trace each of these modifications before the final transfer to the design team. These mock-ups can be scanned with the Handyscan 3D scanners, and the data can then be transferred to a computer-assisted design (CAD) application and scaled up to 1:1 for use in the production or manufacturing process.


When used to scan original models for analysis through a finite element analysis (FEA) software, the Handyscan 3D scanners can significantly streamline the aircraft manufacturing development cycle.

Reverse engineering

Some old aircraft still on the market were built without the use of CAD because this type of software was not yet available. To design new aircraft from existing models, design engineers can now use the Handyscan 3D handheld laser scanners to scan the old aircraft model and modify the resulting file to create a new high performance aircraft.

OEM and legacy parts

For maintenance and replacement purposes, a broken or damaged part can now be scanned with the Handyscan 3D scanners, imported into a CAD application, and used for design and manufacturing.

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