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Teachers and professors at some of the world’s top art and design schools have been quick to adopt the self-positioning Handyscan 3D scanners as the premier tools for teaching design, creative arts, and engineering.

Easy to learn (short learning curve)

Typically, teachers are overloaded with work and their students need to be educated and trained on many different subjects in their studies. The handheld Handyscan 3D laser scanners are recognized for their usefulness in design and engineering classrooms. Their ease of use translates into a very short learning curve, which means the bulk of class time can be spent covering important theory and fundamentals.

Art schools

The self-positioning Handyscan 3D laser scanners can also be used by art teachers. “With the Handyscan 3D scanners, we can scan a student’s 3D work in the morning, and by the afternoon they’re producing high-resolution renderings or printing new versions with a rapid-prototyping machine,” says Michael Berman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Art Center College of Design. “The Handyscan 3D scanners close the loop between the physical and virtual worlds, bringing new ways to create and design. It allows our students to express their creativity rather than wrestle with technology.”

Engineering schools

Many engineering professors take advantage of the Handyscan 3D laser scanners. These state-of-the-art devices can easily be carried to any classroom or laboratory thanks to their great portability and rugged construction, which also makes them perfect for workshop use. The Handyscan 3D scanners are used in engineering schools to teach and train students about the design, analysis, and inspection work they will later encounter in their professional lives.

“At the University of Michigan 3D Lab, we provide research assistance to all departments on campus, so we look for the most flexible technology available. Forty minutes after unpacking our Handyscan 3D scanners, we were scanning dinosaur bones and brake calipers, one right after the other. Since we received the scanner, we’ve been able to scan a wide range of parts without a single hitch. The technology is easy to learn and use, robust, and consistent. We are very happy with the performance, service, integration, and great value Creaform delivers with the Handyscan 3D product” indicates Brett Lyons, Senior Research Technician at University of Michigan 3D Lab.

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