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The Handyscan 3D laser scanners offer great benefits for the biomechanics industry. They are widely used to reduce turnaround times by replacing or skipping steps in traditional methods for creating and fitting custom prosthetic and orthosis devices, and make the process practically seamless for the patients.

Prosthesis and orthosis manufacturing

The data needed to create custom orthotics devices is easy to compile with the Handyscan 3D. Laboratory or workshop technicians can scan the limb to be fitted and transfer the data into computer-assisted design (CAD) applications for design, measurement, rectification, retrofit, and production. Artificial extensions or body part replacements can be custom-made using digital files created by the Handyscan 3D scanners—without the need for traditional plaster casts. This new method is less dirty and more convenient for the patient and the technician and the reliability of the final result greatly improves the comfort of the orthosis/prosthesis manufactured.


Data acquired using the Handyscan 3D scanners can be used to track the development of a patient with a spinal deviation or any other degenerative disease. The digital file of the full torso can be saved and used in medical follow-ups and comparisons.


For people who have lost a body part (such as a hand or an ear), users can scan the other remaining body part with the Handyscan 3D scanners to create a “mirrored file” that can be used to form a realistic prosthesis that is an exact duplicate of the missing body part.

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