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Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Fast, innovative prototyping techniques are available to design, test, and improve new or existing consumer products.


New products have to meet many criteria before they make it to the production line—not only do they have to look good, but they have to feel good and fit well. Design engineers create products or parts using computer-assisted design (CAD) applications. Once the product is digitally modelled, a prototype usually made. Once necessary modifications are made to the prototype, it can be scanned with the Handyscan 3D laser scanners. The resulting file is then imported into the CAD application, which produces a drawing or CAD model of the final prototype for manufacturing purposes (first article inspection).

Shape and function

The Handyscan 3D scanners are used throughout the design process to help accelerate shape and function tests. For instance, when industrial designers need to design a new component to fit an existing part (e.g., a new lid for a container), the Handyscan 3D scanners can be used to scan the container and reverse engineer the lid. The CAD file created by the scanners can then be imported into specialized software to design related components or perform finite element analysis (FEA).

3D rapid prototyping

The file generated by the Handyscan 3D line-up’s VxScan™ software is a standard STL file that can be read and used by many CAD applications and rapid prototyping printers.

Design modification

During the development process, products may go through many iterations and modifications. Changes are often made directly to the physical object. The Handyscan 3D scanners can be used to collect and track the modifications made to the prototype. The data collected with the Handyscan 3D scanners can then be transferred into the design software for surface creation and prototyping.


Due to confidentiality constraints, package designers do not normally have access to CAD files for the products to be packaged. Nowadays, designers can scan the product and have the resulting file imported into design software for fitting tests. This way, they can create packages tailored to fit the product perfectly.

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